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Our philosophy and daily schedule

Crenshaw Children’s Center Philosophy:

We believe that children learn best from hands-on experiences to explore their environment and that play is a crucial ingredient for learning and life skills that are the foundation of a child’s success. Children learn through curiosity, discovery, making choices and seeing the results of their actions. We develop our meaningful curriculum from the interests of the child in conjunction with guidance from our teachers through the process of discovery and we align our program’s curriculum with California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks provided by the California Department of Education

Our program is designed to enhance each child’s individual skills and to celebrate their uniqueness— leading to full development of their creative and intellectual potential. To achieve this success we provide opportunities in all areas of development. Each day consists of opportunities to grow in the following areas: Social/Emotional, Physical/Gross Motor, Fine Motor/Writing, Literacy and Mathematics, Science, Language, and Cognition.

We believe in providing a loving, caring and enriching place for children to reach their full potential. And as children are a part of a larger community, our program provides your child experiences in group socialization to nurture self-esteem and individual growth that will help them along the path of being lifelong learners and active, capable, and happy members of their social communities.


Drop by anytime and see what we’re up to!

We focus on learning:

  • Alphabet and Number Recognition
  • Rhyming and Sight Words
  • Colors and Shapes
  • Printing of Names and Numbers
  • Music and Storytime

Sample of Daily Schedule:

7:00-9:00AM: Drop off, Indoor play time

9:00-9:30 Snack time

9:30-10:30: Table work/Letters/Numbers/Shapes/Scissor Practice/Circle Time

10:30-11:30: Outdoor play

11:30-12:15: Lunch time

12:15-2:15: Nap/Rest time

2:15-2:30: Snack time
2:30-3:15: Arts & Crafts

3:15-4:00: Circle Time/Story time/Music & Movement

4:00-5:30: Outdoor play

5:30-6:00: Indoor Play/Coloring/Puzzles


Daily schedules vary a bit amongst the different age groups. The older groups will participate in more “table time” which will consist of tracing, writing, cutting, pasting and more.